1st - 3rd October 2019
Portsmouth, UK

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Naval Damage Control 2018 Fire Focus Day Highlights: Firefighting techniques, tactics and technology

Naval Damage Control (NDC18) is an international meeting for Navies, damage control schools, naval engineering teams, ship builders, maritime fire teams, first responders and industry partners to discuss and network with the community. The priority will be to discuss damage control best practice and how industry and militaries can come together to find a solution to the key issues.


On a ship, fire suppression is critical to the survival of the ship and its personnel: confined spaces, smoke, heat and toxic gases can be a threat to sailors. While all sailors are trained in the basics of damage control and firefighting, those who specialise in these areas are critical in helping prevent accident and to stabilise the situation in emergencies. This section will investigate innovative tactics and equipment to ensure personnel can prevent and respond safely and successfully to an incident.


Although it is true that some tactics used in structural firefighting can be applied in many cases of shipboard firefighting, there are tactics specific to shipboard scenarios that must learned, developed and shared within the Maritime Firefighting Community. In this section we will address the unique challenges associated with shipboard fires such as confined spaces, vessel stability, ventilation struggles and investigate tactics to overcome them and provide a unified command.


Increasingly militaries are trying to negate the likelihood and effect of fire in the early design stages of a ships life. Through innovative materials and compartmentalising a ships design the chance of a fire spreading and damaging critical infrastructure is drastically reduced. How these considerations are installed into a ships design and planning will be the topic of discussion for this section.