3rd - 5th October 2017
Portsmouth, UK

Focus Day 3rd October 2017
Organised by info@tdnuk.com +44 (0) 1245 407 916

Naval Damage Control is the premier community gathering for naval, civilian and industry stakeholders.

With a plethora of new vessels and procurement programmes looking at fitting ships with the most up to date systems, the conversation surrounding Naval Damage Control is intensifying. Through increased automation to more effective training methods and preemptive measures there is ongoing change within the area.

Naval Damage Control provides a forum for the international community to come together and share their experiences and ideas for the future. The event will bring together the authoritative voices from within the sector whether they be naval, civilian or industry.

Key focus areas for this year include:

  • Fire Prevention, Detection & mitigation
  • Increasing of ship survivability
  • Alternative firefighting methods
  • Mitigating human error
  • CBRN related incidents
  • Platform design
  • Challenges of subsurface damage control
  • Flooding